Getting Back On Track!

Finding Your Feet Again After You Come Off A Low Carb / Keto Lifesyle.

Hey everyone, welcome back!!

Sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned and you get thrown off course with a lot of things including your diet & lifestyle. Don’t panic we’ve all been there, it can be pretty tough but with a bit of work you can get right back on track and carry on!

just keep swimming 

I’ve had a lot going on which included starting a new job and this totally threw me out of routine! I’ve been on and off Keto since about March this year when I went on holiday and kind of lost control of what I was eating! The first week wasn’t too bad and I was pretty strict with what I was allowing myself to eat, but when the second week rolled around and all bets were off! I started eating (and drinking) a lot of carbs and sugar again and I swear it was like a switch flipped in my brain and I went slightly mental stuffing my face with all the stuff I know I shouldn’t have been!

Fast forward about 8 months now and I’m only just really starting to get back on track consistently! Between my holiday and now I have had a lot going on that has really thrown me off course multiple times and caused me to push my eating habits to the back burner. Lets be honest, we are all creatures of habit and if something disrupts your routine for an extended period it’s not only frustrating but I can be very difficult to get back into your old routine or figure out how to work out the structure for a new routine. But don’t give up!!

Since March I have started & restarted on Keto so many times that I’ve lost count, the key to success as with anything we do is to ‘just keep swimming’ as Dory would say! We just need to push ourselves to keep trying and not give up, even if it means we have to start, restart & restart again you will get there in the end! Start out by making small achievable goals towards getting back on track and when you reach them celebrate that! Even if it’s something you think is only a small success it’s still a step in the right direction so give yourself the credit you deserve!

Try not to be too hard on yourself -don’t overthink about where you were before this point or how much the scales have changed! This will only leave you going around in circles in your head and that doesn’t help anyone. You’ll reach a point where something clicks much like when you started Keto in the first place and somehow you give yourself the kick you need to restart the process. When I started (and restarted many a time) again I found it really helpful to redo my research and watch all the videos on Keto and recipes again to get me motivated!

I’ve put together a list of small steps you can take to get yourself back on track if you come off Keto, some of them might seem really small but every little helps!

  • Drink More Water – This is the absolute basic of how restart my Keto journey, I stop drinking fizzy drinks and have more water. If you aren’t a fan of water have tea (herbal is fine if you need a sweet hit) or coffee, ideally black coffee but if that is too strong for you add some double cream to give you a fat hit that will help you feel fuller.
  • Revisit Old Meals That You Used When You First Started Keto – I have gone back to using the same or similar meals to when I first started. Things like cauliflower or broccoli rice and slim noodles & pasta help with transitioning off carbs again.
  • Created Quick Easy Meals To Start With – Stir frys, stir frys, stir frys!! I’m not saying to only eat stir frys but they can be super quick and easy after a long days work! Other things I’ve gone back to are baked chicken & veg which you can just bung in the oven and pretty much leave, pan fried fish is always a safe and quick option to get you back on track. These quick and easy meals will be key to getting you back in the right mind frame to succeed.
  • Stock Up On Fruit & Veg – This is vital as the official carbs & sugars that you will be eating should be mainly coming from your fruit & veg. Lot of leafy greens with give you healthy carbs and of course any salad can be covered with a Keto friendly dressing – if time is short you can always just used olive oil with a bit of salt & pepper.
  • Clear Out Your Cupboards – By this I don’t mean eat all the junk food in the house! Although I’m not gonna lie to you, I have done that as well!! Just start by getting rid of the things you know you won’t be eating on Keto for at least the first 30days. You don’t have to actually chuck anything out if it has a long shelf life, but moving things to the back of the shelf (or to a shelf you cant reach easily!) will help you forget that it is even there. We all know when you clear out cupboards after a while, you find things you totally forgot you have! We’ll it’s the same for your kitchen, just put the Keto options at the forefront of what you can see and you will be more likely to reach for them when you are searching for a snack or deciding what to make for dinner!
  • Remember To Make Swaps If You Are Eating Out – Don’t let eating out ruin your process at the start too much, you can still enjoy a meal out whilst on Keto. When you order try to swap thing like potatoes or chips for a salad with an oil dressing or grilled veg.
  • Just Start! – Finally just do it!! Take the leap and get started again, if you do stumble please don’t give up. If you don’t feel ready to get started straight away, get yourself back into the right frame of mind and then try again. Do this as many times as you need to but never, ever think you can’t do it and give up! Keep pushing forward and you will get there.

So there we have it, a little insight into how you can start getting back on track. Take it one day at a time and you will reach your goals, just keep going. As times passes it will get easier and before you know it a month will have passed, then 2 and without you even realising you will have started and kept a new routine that works for you!

I hope this has given you some ideas and motivation to get back on track. I 100% understand how hard it can be to get back on track but it can defiantly be done! Have faith and believe in yourself, keep going and ‘Just Keep Swimming!’

Until next time guys, chin up and keep going!!

Cass x

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