How to get into Ketosis…

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First things first let’s cover what ketosis is.

Ketosis is the state your body enters when it switches from using glucose (sugar) as a fuel source to fat. As simple as that sounds it can be pretty easy to get confused if you over think how to get this to happen, so lets keep things really simple and cover what you can do step by step to enter ketosis.

  1. Reduce your carbohydrates: This one is pretty obvious as your moving to a low carb or zero carb way of eating, but you need to reduce the amount of carbs you have to about 25g per day as a maximum. To keep this simple when I first started I just cut out all carbs so I was only getting them from the veg that I ate.
  2. Restrict how much protein you consume: Whilst protein will help with keeping you feeling full too much can actually slow down your ketosis process. So try to keep your protein portion to about the size of your palm.
  3. Don’t worry about fat: As fat will need to be 70% — 80% of your calorie intake stop worrying about it!! Having enough fat in your diet means you won’t feel hungry following keto! No feelings of starvation here!!!!
  4. Drink water: Yep, sorry guys I know anyone who has tried different things to lose weight will have heard this time and time again but you need to drink water! Drinking water actually helps keep away those hunger pains so get to sipping everyone! If water is too boring for you try herbal teas or hot water with a slice of lemon to add some flavour.
  5. Snack less: Again this one is pretty obvious but the less you snack the better your results will be. Every time you eat something it triggers an insulin response from your body which will increase your blood sugar levels. These constant spikes and dips in your insulin levels means your body becomes less sensitive to insulin which can lead to weight gain.
  6. Start fasting (if you can!): This step is completely optional so if you don’t think you can do it please don’t feel like you have to force yourself! Intermittent fasting will give you a huge boost getting to ketosis and when I say fasting I don’t mean don’t eat all day. Personally I use a 6hr window which I try to eat in because I don’t eat breakfast during the week. I eat from 2pm onwards this way I’m asleep for the majority of my fasting period. If you choose to fast you can tailor this to work for your personal schedule and to start with you could always give yourself a larger window to eat and a smaller period to fast. This gives you a boost reaching ketosis as introducing fasting will boost your metabolism forcing your body to switch to burning fats quicker.
  7. Exercise: Of course exercising is always going to benefit your health even if you aren’t following a low carb or keto lifestyle but when you combine exercise and keto you will see much better results. You don’t have to exercise but even if you think about adding 20 minutes of exercise a few times a week it can help regulate your blood sugar levels and aid your weight loss.

Is there a way to know when you’re in ketosis?


There are ways to know if you are in ketosis through urine or blood testing strips. The blood strips are considered more accurate as they give you the level of ketones in your system, however they are pretty expensive starting at about £20 for 25 strips and then you will also need a ketone level monitor as well which can be around £40. You can sometimes get lucky and pick up a bundle deal with both on amazon which you can pick up here. The urine strips don’t give you any precise levels of ketones in your system but they do answer the question of if you are in ketosis or not as they show on a colour chart if you have more or less ketones in your system. These are around £8 on amazon, you can get there here.

Of course you don’t have to shell out any cash to know as there are a few tell tell “symptoms” that will give you an idea if you are in ketosis.

  1. Increased Urination: As blunt as this is you WILL pee like crazy especially when you first get into ketosis. The keto way of eating is a natural diuretic so you will find that you need to use the bathroom way more than usual when you first start. Don’t panic this is completely normal!
  2. Your mouth feeling dry: Because you will be urinating more this will lead to dry mouth and increased thirst – this is where all that water comes in handy! So make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and replacing the electrolytes you will be loosing.
  3. Bad Breath: Sorry guy but it can’t all be roses to begin with! One of the ketones that your body will now be producing is partly released in your breath. That doesn’t mean you will be stinking up the place every time you speak don’t worry! It’s only temporary and isn’t a long term side effect however the intensity of this will vary from person to person. Just keep doing your daily brushing as normal and maybe keep some mints handy just incase!!
  4. Increased Energy & Less Hunger: This one I can say I definitely experienced! I always used to feel tired and run down but once I got past the “keto flu” stage (more on this later) I felt more energised both physically and mentally. Your hunger levels will also be much lower as you will be running on something that lasts much longer than sugar!

Please don’t start off your keto journey thinking you need to go crazy measuring and testing yourself to see if you are in ketosis. Just focus on the nutrition and make sure you are sticking to what you can eat. If you do this you will be doing keto correctly and ketosis will follow suit, in turn you will see the benefits of following this way of eating.

I think I have probably gone on enough on this post now so I’ll leave you to absorb all this new info and give your brain a break! In my next post I’ll cover what you can expect when you first start keto, some people don’t experience keto flu at all but some of you might. It’s nothing to panic about but it’s always good to have a heads up!

See you there my lovelies!



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